About Denmark CEW

The Christian Experience Weeekend (CEW), is an adult renewal weekend for persons 18 years of age or older. CEW is intended for anyone looking to live life more fully as an adult Christian. CEW grew out of the realization that the Christian Life has to be experienced before it can be properly appreciated.

The community based weekend includes talks, discussion, prayer services, and Mass. A team of lay people, priests and sisters conduct the weekend.

The overnight retreat weekend is held at All Saints Parish, 145 Saint Claude St, Denmark, WI 54208. The CEW begins at 7:00 P.M. on Friday evening and is continuous through to approximately 5:00 P.M. Sunday evening.

We have limited openings, so turn in your registration early. This can be done electronically or by mail. When the weekend is full, additional registrants are put on a witing list and notified if there is a cancellation.

The cost of the weekend is $50.00. Please do not allow the cost of the weekend prevent you from attending.

For more information check out our brochure, the history of CEW, or Contact Us.




"Think about this" is what he said as he handed me the CEW brochure. It was my first invitation to the CEW experience. I remember politely smiling and saying "sure" knowing full well I had other plans and plenty of other excuses.

"Think about this" he said the year following as he extended the invitation once again. With nothing on my calendar and a begrudging sense of obligation, I reluctantly said “Yes” and filled out the application.

Think about this. I participated in the Christian Experience Weekend. I enjoyed the time I received to listen, reflect, and gain insights about my faith. I found comfort in sharing my story, hearing those of others, and drawing strength from the
community I was with. I was blessed with God’s presence in prayer, celebration, and good spirited fun. When the event was over, I drove home thinking “Thank you God for the gift of invitation. Thank you for the grace to say Yes.” The next year, I did not need to think. I could not help but find the application and pick up the pen.

So “think about this!” Yeah, I am talking to you. Think seriously about participating in the CEW weekend. Better yet, pick up a pen, fill out application, and participate. Be assured He is calling you to strengthen your faith and energize your spirit.

~Paul Jablonski

Vickie and Andy attended CEW by two different courses.

Vickie went willingly. I felt like I needed something more in my faith life. I was nervous. Would I know anyone? From the time I pulled in the parking lot, I knew the Holy Spirit guided me to CEW. I felt at peace.

Andy’s experience was different. Several people asked me to attend. I was nervous and skeptical. Even after I was there the first hour or two, I thought about leaving. Is this really for me? At the end of the weekend, I realized the Holy Spirit guided me to stay.

CEW gave us tools to strengthen our marriage by communicating better with each other, praying together, talking openly about our faith and increasing our faith life. We think everyone would get something out of CEW. CEW it is a place where you can discuss your faith openly, create new friendships, rekindle old friendships, and there’s always great meals!

~Andy and Vickie Kane

It is amazing that spending two weekends apart can actually bring you closer together.  In our case, attending CEW men’s and women’s weekends did just that.  We were both renewed in our faith and able to share it with each other and our family.  Although initially uneasy about spending time away from our family and routines, we both found that devoting this time to ourselves and our faith was a meaningful investment in our relationship with each other and with God.  We are very grateful that we both answered the call to attend a CEW weekend and have been rewarded with the blessings of faith, family, and friendship as a result.

~Ken & Stephanie Wright

Tom and I came to CEW on two different paths.  In Tom’s case, he went “kicking and screaming”, I went willingly. Over the years, I (Tom) had been invited to attend. I was told it would be a “life changing” experience, but I wasn’t sure I wanted my life changed. But in the months prior to CEW, I kept getting nudges from the Holy Spirit... I needed to attend. I (Audrey) had attended different types of retreats in the past, and when encouraged by a CEW member to attend, I agreed. There is no question it has changed our lives.  Tom realized that his spiritual journey was at a standstill, and Audrey realized God was calling her to a new level in her faith. We are more aware of God and how he works in our lives on a daily basis.  Our prayer lives are definitely better, and our faith and marriage is stronger.  We have also discovered a whole new group of people who are walking with us as we continue to grow in our faith. Our God is an awesome God! We have always known that, but it’s so much more front and center now.  We are truly blessed and we encourage all to come and experience the goodness of the Lord!

~Audrey and Tom Zuleger

Having attended several weekend retreats in the past including a 10 day pilgrimage overseas; I knew the value of the retreat experience...or so I thought! Many people encouraged me to attend a CEW and I was open to the idea but didn't expect it to be a "game-changer" but I was wrong. While I did not know a single person on my first weekend, I found such warmth and hospitality that I was immediately put at ease. The flow of the weekend soon swept me away and by Sunday night I did not want the weekend to end. I found new friends and kindred spirits but more importantly I found a depth to my spirituality that only the Holy Spirit knew was possible. Whether you are a seasoned spiritual soul or are apprehensive about delving into "churchy stuff" do not hesitate to take the plunge and attend CEW. You will not regret it! Be not afraid!

~Eileen Gale

This past year was my first experience with CEW. My wife had attended in the past, as had several of her friends. As it turns out, they were all praying for me to attend to have some share in what they have been able to experience. I was excited, yet apprehensive about how the weekend would unfold. After all, how could I spend 3 full days doing something that was outside of my comfort zone; and doing it with people that I didn’t know? During the first few hours, my fears were soon eased; as it became apparent that these were all good people there seeking the love of God, hoping to be touched by the Holy Spirit, and doing it thru the experiences of others. As human beings, we experience a range of emotions, from joy to extreme hardship. What CEW taught me was that although we encounter hardship, we are not alone. It is the support of other CEW members, as well as the love of God that pulls us through. I’ll be back next year!

~Dave Gale

As a 19 year old, I never expected CEW to be the changing point in my religious life. I grew so much within myself as a Catholic lady. My Catholic faith life up to CEW was a life of not knowing what my call was with the Holy Spirit coming to me on my Confirmation Day. With CEW, I got the chance to experience myself alone with the Holy Spirit. This weekend was a chance for me to take a step back from my college life and just be surrounded by people with the same passion as me. Even after CEW, I felt the warmth of the family that was created that weekend. This is one of the best experiences I have had with the Lord! Please come and join us, for this weekend will be one you will never forget!

~Sarah Otradovec

I have to describe my first CEW weekend as something that changed my life forever and I sincerely wish I had experienced it a long time ago. If the only thing you have done for yourself is attend Mass since you were confirmed, and you feel like there should be more to your faith, CEW is for you. CEW will invigorate your interest in our religion and inspire you to get closer to God. I truly feel that I have been touched by the Holy Spirit on each of my CEW weekends, and I wish everyone would put themselves in a position to experience that special occasion. It can happen in many forms and it’s something you won’t forget. Throughout the year I am able to draw upon those occasions to help me stay on track. They reinforce my faith and provide purpose when I start to drift. Judy and I have had similar experiences as a result of CEW, and they continue to remind us how blessed we are. We encourage you to try it!

~Judy & Don Krejcarek

We have both participated in silent, contemplative retreats in the past. Desiring to know our parish community better, we decided together to try out the CEW men’s and women’s retreat weekends. God so generously blesses us when we listen to His call! When Sam returned from his retreat, he was noticeably changed. I was so happy for him, but also a little afraid. After some struggle, I let down my guard just enough to show up. Soon, I sensed the welcoming safety of good, loving people; my walls came down, and I surrendered to the Lord. It is called a Christian Experience for a reason... Christ wants us to know Him both personally and through community. We would wholeheartedly recommend couples each attend, so that their experiences can be shared with one another, and they may be more deeply united in their marriage. CEW can help you toward a renewed bond of heart, mind, and soul which gives you strength as a couple. Christ does not disappoint and always so gently cares for our needs.

~Sam and Nicole Hall

Taking time away from my busy schedule to attend the CEW provided me the much needed opportunity to reflect on my relationship with God and reenergize myself, while renewing my commitment to be the best Christian I could be. It allowed me time to reaffirm the importance of who Jesus is in my life, which in turn helped me strengthen my relationships with my family and friends as we all strive to “Build God’s Kingdom on Earth.” Having the opportunity to share this experience with others on the CEW provided a strong sense of unity and revitalized spirit as we aim to share the love of Jesus with everyone we meet. The topics discussed and the relationships formed also provided a framework which helped me withstand many of the societal pressures which go against many of the beliefs of our faith as my life journey continued beyond the CEW. 

~Tom Bekkers

After attending our CEW weekends, we realized that we both had similar faith-filled experiences.  What stood out for each of us was how God and the Holy Spirit could be seen in those around us and how Jesus’ presence could be felt throughout the entire weekend.  It was as if we were somehow reconnected with our Christian faith, but at a whole new level.  It was wonderful to be around so many supportive and caring individuals who, like each of us, are on separate paths but also on common ground with God and our faith.  We believe the experience of a CEW weekend is truly for everyone, no matter where they currently are on their faith journey.

~Dan & Mary Valenta

Both my wife and I were a bit apprehensive about the weekend.  What will we be doing?  Can I really take that much time away from my family?  Will we feel uncomfortable in spending a weekend with people we don’t really know?  As the weekend progressed, not only did all these fears quickly subside, but toward the end there was a part of us that didn’t want to leave.  We both came home refreshed in our faith and closer to God than we had ever felt.  This experience allowed us to grow much closer as a couple and as a family.  We also began to realize that we also have a much larger Christian family that we never fully appreciated.  The Christian Experience Weekend helped to rekindle the fire within our souls so that we can continue to grow in our faith and provide support for each other, for our family and for the entire Christian community, all who are striving to one day be a community of Saints with Jesus in heaven.

~Patti and Jody Arendt

I found CEW to be a very moving experience.  When I first heard about this weekend, I was very unsure of what to expect.  I have been on 2 retreats before CEW, each one a little different experience, but I think the most moving experience I had came from CEW.  CEW is a time where you get to meet new friends as well as get closer to God.  I consider every attendee of my first CEW a friend.  At CEW you will meet people that you will never forget. Before the CEW, I felt close to God, but after the weekend, I have not felt closer to God, and that feeling has not left me since.  Once you walk out the doors you will learn that it was one of the most spiritual times in your life and CEW is something that is better experienced than explained.

~Jake Pieschel

One of the hardest things I have ever done was getting myself to go to my first CEW.  The next hardest thing I have ever done was to leave that CEW. I was asked to go to a CEW weekend by a few CEW members I met while going thru the RCIA program.  That weekend came at the perfect time in my life.  I have been on two weekends now and I have gotten so much from them.  The family I have gained is irreplaceable.  Thank you so much for coming into my life.

~Patrick Phillips

WOW!  In one word that’s what I would say about my first CEW.  I always said I’ll go next time, and when my next time came, I was sorry I had waited so long.  It was a wonderful way to put God in my life and in my upcoming marriage.  It felt exhilarating, refreshing, and it came with an offer I could not refuse.  If you need a weekend for you, if you need a positive change, if you need something different, or you need something more in your life, simply say “yes”, and come to a weekend. You won’t be disappointed.

~Jessica Jadin

Our Christian Experience Weekends have been the most incredible, yet nearly indescribable experiences of our lives. We are not exaggerating when we say “most incredible” either.  Our journeys to get to our retreat weekends were very different.  My journey (Curt) was a long wait of 5 years to be “able” to participate. Why I waited so long I can only pray was God’s plan.  I do not plan on missing a weekend again.  Ever!  My wife’s journey (Kay) was started within minutes of my return home from my weekend. The results of “my” weekend were that powerful. The results of my wife’s weekend were no less powerful! We have witnessed miracles and great blessings as a result of our weekends and the God inspired changes in our lives have been remarkable.  Our stories are long but we would LOVE to share them with you! Please ask us!

One of the results of our conversions is the need to pray for people just like you (those reading this witness) to ask God to Bless you with the courage and the will to say “yes” to an experience like the CEW. If you are considering attending a Christian Experience Weekend, and you are just not sure yet, please let us know and please let us pray for you. I cannot explain the power and grace and love and peace that the CEW brings, but we will pray that you too can experience it.

~Curt and Kay Nelson

The CEW weekend allowed me to step out of my hectic life, quiet my mind, reconnect with the Holy Spirit, and open my heart to Jesus.  I met women that are welcoming and supportive of the Christian lifestyle I desire to live.  I whole heartedly recommend this opportunity of faith building to everyone.

~Molly Johnson